Beating Depression

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Beating Depression
Beating Depression
Dr Stefan Cembrowicz & Dr Dorcas Kingham

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Depression is a universal illness: we are all potentially at risk. The symptoms vary wildly, but can include sleeplessness and loss of drive, feelings of guilt and anger, and even the desire to self-harm. However, depression is extremely treatable, and this easy-to-read book offers a thoughtful and straightforward guide to self-help techniques and possible treatments.
Beating Depression starts with the basics. It first answers real questions about what, who and why, then objectively explains all the available treatment options. It also covers the practical aspects of the illness, such as choosing your doctor, claiming benefits, and dealing with work.


This reassuring guide gives you:

  • Medically accurate answers to questions from real people
  • Techniques for dealing with common symptoms such as insomnia, agitation, panic and apathy
  • Advice about antidepressants, other medications and alternative forms of therapy
  • Guidance on related problems such as anxiety, phobia, stress and OCD
  • Details of where to look and go for further information and support


Some key symptoms:

  • Sleep disturbance – waking at 3 or 4am with worries on the mind
  • Poor quality of sleep – waking feeling unrefreshed
  • Appetite change – usually loss but can also manifest as overeating
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Constipation
  • Weight change – could be weight gain or loss
  • Lethargy, or restlessness and agitation

Different groups of people can behave differently when depressed: teenagers can be angry, irritable, and withdrawn, whereas elderly people are more likely to be tense, restless and sleepless. Depressive illness in rural India may show itself through extreme concern and distress about physical complaints rather than tearfulness and low mood, which may be the dominant features seen in a depressed European.

Recognising the illness is a key step in beating depression, because this least treated of illnesses is conversely one of the most treatable.

‘A sympathetic and understanding guide’
Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive, SANE


‘An easy to read, jargon free book that will help to lead you out of the maze of depression’
Fern Britton, TV Presenter

Additional Details

Edition: Second
Publication Date: 1 Mar 2006
Client REF: BDWEB09
ISBN: 9781859591505
Author: Dr Stefan Cembrowicz & Dr Dorcas Kingham
Author Description: Dr Stefan Cembrowicz is a GP and senior partner at the Montpelier Health Centre in Bristol. He has a particular interest in depression and related disorders.

Dr Dorcas Kingham is a consultant in general adult psychiatry and the Medical Director of the Bristol Priory Hospital.